Does Your Opinion Matter?


Sometimes, I don’t think your opinion matters but other times it does.

An honest opinion is great but it can hurt, you have to have a thick skin to be a writer as people can say the most awful things, and once it’s out there you can’t take it back.

And that leads to trouble, so if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, especially if your words will deeply offend someone if that’s what you think and your words are deeply offensive then keep your gob shut.

You can display your opinion in more thoughtful words, offer advice rather than slander.

Offer a shoulder to cry on, rather than just push someone away, they’ve reached out to you as a friend don’t disappoint them and push them away.

I found the opinionated man’s post insightful and telling it like it is, I enjoy his posts very much there are more posts I enjoy but that can be for another post I am sure.

veronica@WriteInK Your Opinion Matter?



2 thoughts on “Does Your Opinion Matter?

  1. I also have this site this site is free so I can’t share unless I upgrade, and I am not doing that yet need to get my writing off the ground first. See you all later. Veronica


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