Are you ready?




Well here we go I am blogging again.

I am going to try to make this a habit, writing every week.

This has been a life long dream to just sit at home on my computer and just write, but some days I find I have nothing to say, nothing that makes any sense anyway.

Then I came onto WordPress, and I have met a lot of lovely people on here, I read their blogs, I enjoy what they have to say.

Some make me cry, others make me laugh so hard I nearly fall off my chair.

It’s nice that you can come on here and read other blogs, you get help and advice you couldn’t ask for anything more, except one day I would like to be paid for my words.

At times it can be heartbreaking though, because you write your little socks off, and it’s as if you are talking in an empty room, no one responds to you.

Writing I think is lonely enough without people ignoring you.

But what can you do?

Keep on trying never give up, even though sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel.

We all have to start somewhere so why not here on WordPress

The advisors are friendly, and they never make you feel stupid.

So keep going and don’t give up.

I will see you next week if not before.


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