Fry what I hear you ask, after all frying food is not all that pc these days.

It’s healthy this and healthy that.

What happened to having a good old fried egg.

Well you can still have a fried egg, but less all the grease, use ‘Fry light’.

You spray it into a non-stick pan after you have heated up the pan first.

Then you can have your fried egg or bacon as long as you trim the fat off the bacon.

My partner and I have been going to slimming world.

And we have each lost 2 stone, and we are very happy, we’ve still got quite a way to go but we are getting there.

So yes you can still ‘Fry’ as long as you use Fry light.

You can use fry light in most of your food that you are cooking, and it tastes delicious.

So go ahead fry your food, it’s still very healthy.


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