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This page is not about me, yes I can tell you that I am a woman, and I have a few years on you. But you are not interested in that.

You are here because you want to know what I can do for you.

I am a freelance writer and blogger, and I want to help you.

Yes you!

You have just started a new business, and it’s flying, you’ve got this blog post to write that article to write, and you have to update your blog.

Things are going so fast you don’t know what to do, and after all you have only one pair of hands and only twenty-four hours in a day.

You don’t want to be up all night, you have to be up for the kids and get them up for school plus drop them off, and that’s before you start that article that has to be in today.

Have no fear, I am here to help you with your blog posts and articles.

  • Direct response copywriter
  • Blogger
  • Article writer
  • Content writer
  • Ghost writer
  • Researcher

I can make your blog posts shine, so that your clients would be only too happy to work with you.

I can write your articles so that they stand out, and have your clients thinking they would be foolish not to work with you.

I also write direct response copywriting, that will have new clients banging down your door, and lighting up your phone line like a fire work, just to work with you.

Need my help, I will be only too happy to help. After all I am the answer to your prayers.

Go to my contacts page, and you can see all my contact details there. Or better still here they are.

E-mail: veronicagilkeswriter@mail.com

Also you can contact me here: veronicagilkeswriter.com